Dr. Carol van Buren

Dr. Carol van Buren

“Joining this co-op when I became a freelancer was possibly one of the best decisions I made in my first year in Berlin.”

Christelle Kamanan

“As a member of Smart I feel supported: there is always someone either from the cooperative or the members’ network to answer a question or help find a solution. It is also inspiring to be part of a network with so many creatives, you find new ideas, you extend your network; it opens your mind.”

Amanda Groschke

“Thanks to Smart I can fully concentrate on my projects and have a dedicated partner who takes care of all of my administrative tasks. Smart as a cooperative solution is a godsend for freelancers, especially in the teaching sector. Even if there are difficulties and problems, Smart always tries to find a solution.”

Jan & Laura (Museum für Werte)

“The cooperative is a saviour for many freelancers, creatives and intermediaries – in a system that’s otherwise quite inflexible, it provides us with both social protection and flexibility at the same time.”