Berlins Soziale Unternehmen 2022 – Smart ist in den Top 3


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Berlins Soziale Unternehmen 2022 – Smart ist in den Top 3

We are happy to be awarded as outstanding social enterprise at the competition “Berlins Soziale Unternehmen” in category 3: Transformation (Social Enterprise for an Economy of Tomorrow)!

Smart has developed a new, innovative work model for solo self-employed and collectives from all service industries, which aims at the social, financial and administrative security of its members.

Self-employed people are hired by Smart and thus benefit from statutory health, pension and unemployment insurance, a payment guarantee and the distribution of entrepreneurial responsibility on many shoulders in the collective enterprise of the cooperative.

Do you want to find out more about Smart? Visit our website.


Der Weg für virtuelle Generalversammlungen

Noch vor der Sommerpause hat der Bundestag nach der Anhörung der #Digitalagenda #GenoDigitalJetzt im Rechtsausschuss den Weg für virtuelle Generalversammlungen freigemacht und das #Genossenschaftsgesetz angepasst.

Ab dem 01.09.2022 kann Smart eG und alle rund 7.600 Genossenschaften in Deutschland dauerhaft rechtssicher virtuelle, hybride und zeitlich gestreckte Generalversammlungen ohne individuelle Satzungsänderungen durchführen. Das macht Genossenschaften moderner, digitaler und attraktiver!

Already before the summer break, the German Bundestag cleared the way for virtual General Assemblies after the hearing of the digital agenda #GenoDigitalJetzt in the Legal Affairs Committee and adapted the Cooperatives Act 🎉

From 01.09.2022, Smart eG and 7,600 other cooperatives in Germany will be able to hold legally secure virtual, hybrid and time-stretched General Assemblies without individual amendments to the Statutes. This makes cooperatives more modern, more digital and more attractive!